An informal, inspiring and empowering approach that enables pregnant women and birth partners to feel excited about the birth of their baby. Helping women achieve a fear-free, calm and positive birth experience.

Through our Relax & Breathe Birthing courses and workshops, we guide women through using gentle breathing, massage, movements, imagery and visualisations, as a way of staying relaxed and calm during their birth experience.

Our comprehensive Instructors Training will give you the confidence you need to bring this positively transformative and supportive approach to families in your area.

Every woman is different

Our bespoke Relax and Breathe Birthing relaxation scripts are all linked to a journey through nature: through fields of flowers, verdant woodlands, under starry skies and along crystal clear streams.

Our tailored approach enables women and birth partners to adapt relaxation scripts to their own needs by tapping into positive memories, places, imagery and feelings from their own experiences – making them even more powerful.

Using self-hypnosis (deep relaxation) during childbirth is a simple, yet profoundly effective tool for achieving a calm childbirth experience where women feel in control of their experience, working with their body’s own natural pain relieving hormones to ensure a calm, comfortable birth experience.

So much more than a hypnobirthing course

Relax & Breathe Birthing is so much more than a hypnobirthing course – it’s a way of building confidence through discussion, practical exercises such as massage and movement, guided relaxation, support, birth advocacy, and the provision of relevant and up-to-date information.

ONIe, relax & Breathe birthing trainer

Relax & Breathe Birthing includes:

  • Gentle breathing exercises
  • Philosophy of using self-hypnosis and deep relaxation for childbirth
  • Relaxation and visualisation exercises to help train mind and body to relax on cue to anchors and deepening techniques, increasing the power of deep relaxation
  • Mind-body techniques for relaxation releasing negative emotions and relieving anxiety
  • Practical, emotional and physical antenatal and birth preparation
  • Relevant, up-to-date pregnancy and birth related information and guidance
  • How to navigate birth choices and advocate for birth preferences
  • Research-proven intensity relief techniques
  • Supportive massage techniques for pregnancy and birth
  • Acupressure birth focus points
  • Movements and positions for childbirth
  • Positive birth stories and dvds
  • Facilitated group discussion

Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructors

Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructors are kind, friendly people with a passion for supporting women and birth partners through pregnancy and birth. They have all completed a comprehensive 3-day training course with Onie, plus significant post-course assessment, prior to being formally accredited as Instructors by the Federation of Antenatal Educators.

Our Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructors Training is to the highest standard and all resources and content is updated annually. All Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructors commit to our Code of Conduct and Continuing Professional Development to ensure our high standard is maintained across our growing network.

Transformative experience

Pregnant women can begin the Relax & Breathe Birthing course feeling highly anxious and come away feeling lighter, stronger, more in control of their own potential. This is a powerful and insightful course brings peace and calm to women and birth partners during pregnancy and birth.

Many couples attend our courses when preparing for the birth of their second child. Particularly, if they have experienced birth trauma, anxiety or special circumstances during their first birth experience. Our approach can help transform negative feelings about previous birth experiences into a feeling of ownership and positivity about the birth of their second child.

No matter what journey the birth experience takes; whether a C-birth, forceps or ventouse birth, induction or vaginal birth, Relax & Breathe Birthing can help pregnant women and partners feel calm and confident in the lead up to the birth of their baby.

Be the first to train in Relax & Breathe Birthing in your area – join us!

Our network of Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructors is steadily growing. We are delighted to be able to share this wonderful approach more widely. We offer comprehensive training – no prior experience is necessary. Anyone with a desire to support women, partners and birth partners through pregnancy and birth is welcome to join us.