We have a range of gorgeous guided visualisations to build calm confidence during pregnancy and for relaxation in birth.

The aim is to train your mind and body to relax to these visualisations, in order to then harness the powerful imagery during childbirth.

It is important to be relaxing when you listen to these visualisations. Ideally first thing in the morning, or last thing at night before you drift off to sleep. If you wish, you can play it on the loud speaker, as baby learns to relax to this script too.

You can also help condition a deep relaxation response with the use of anchors such as light touch massage, smells, acupressure, touch etc. These are the kinds of tools and techniques we go through on the Relax & Breathe Birthing course.

The Two Main Hypnobirthing Visualisations

Nature’s Journey

This is our main hypnobirthing visualisation from which all others derive or link to. The visualisation takes you on a beautiful journey through nature, through a field of flowers, by a waterfall and river, under starry skies.

Calm Birth Affirmations

These are positive statements or mantras that can be listened to at any time, for example, when driving the car, walking the dog, doing the washing up etc. This is the only visualisation that you don’t need to be relaxing to when listening.

The Calm Birth Affirmations are excellent for ‘recall’ during birth. Women often tell us that it is one of the ‘Calm Birth Affirmations’ that helped ‘see them through’.

Guided Visualisations for Breathing

This is the first of the breathing related relaxation exercises. By practising gentle breathing and visualisations, you are able to ensure that you continue to breathe calmly and evenly during the intensity of your surges.

Grounded Breathing and Relaxation – a whole body relaxation and grounded breathing visualisation to help you find a comfortable way to relax mind and body in the gaps between surges, and during your practice sessions in pregnancy.

Riding the Wave Surge Breathing – calm breathing visualisations for using during surges. Powerful imagery can help you work with the intensity of your surges.

Birth Breathing – calm, focussed breathing and visualisations for working with the birthing phase.

Guided Visualisations to Relieve Anxiety

Nature’s Release – a journey by a waterfall and river, to help relieve anxiety and remove negative emotions. By working to release subconscious fears during pregnancy, we can help optimise the chances of childbirth progressing smoothly and calmly.

Finding Nature’s Path – a shorter anxiety relieving script watching the clouds flow overhead. For use towards the end of pregnancy and during childbirth, and to help birth progress calmly.

Guided Visualisations to Build Calm Confidence

Resource Gathering – this guided visualisation through a field of flowers helps to empower, build confidence and ensure all resources needed are held within you during your birth experience. The visualisation also includes positive birth rehearsal imagery to help normalise and build positivity and calm in the lead up to the birth of your baby.

Practice Self-hynosis

Awakening the Senses – script that we go through in class, to demonstrate how a simple, guided visualisation can have profound effects. For every thought, there is a related physiological response in the body. During this deep relaxation script, you image the sun warming your face, the wind cooling your skin, biting into a tasty treat… and afterwards you realise you’ve actually ‘felt’ those things.