Main Hypnobirthing Script: Nature's Journey and Calm Birth Affirmations Download

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Nature’s Journey is our main hypnobirthing script. You can listen to this wonderful journey as often as you like during pregnancy and birth.

Enjoy this guided visualisation during pregnancy to relax, remove anxiety, and to help enable a calm, empowered birth experience. By practising relaxing during pregnancy you will be helping to train your mind and body to relax during childbirth.

This beautiful and relaxing script is also a wonderful way to switch off busy minds during pregnancy and help with those sleepless nights.

Calm Birth Affirmations are a series of short, positive statements, linked to our Nature’s Journey scripts, that will help you achieve a positive mindset during pregnancy and empower you through the birth of your baby.

You can listen to these positive mantras daily when you are going about your daily business.

Nature’s Journey and Calm Birth Affirmations are read by Independent Midwife, Jenny Patterson, to a relaxing background of ‘Warm Heart’ by Silencio Music.

This ‘Nature’s Journey MP3 Download’ includes our main hypnobirthing relaxation script (28.55 minutes) and a sequence of Calm Birth Affirmations (13.25 minutes).

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