Birth Breathing and Visualisations

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Download these birth breathing exercises and visualisations for the birthing phase as an 18.01 minute long MP3 download.
Your breath is a powerful and natural resource for you to harness during childbirth. Enjoy practising this gentle breathing exercise and guided visualisations during pregnancy to help you prepare for birth.
Breathing evenly and deeply can make a profound difference to your birthing journey for both you and your baby. This Birth Breathing download includes adaptations for the birthing phase of the breathing exercises and gentle visualisations used in Riding the Wave Surge Breathing - the Balloon, Golden Light, Waves of Water, Flowers, Starlight and Gentle Breeze - that will help you work positively with the intensity of your birthing surges and support your baby in it’s journey through the birth path.

Read by Independent Midwife, Jenny Patterson. You can get instant access by purchasing this product as a high quality, MP3 download, suitable for adding to any common digital audio player.

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