Our Antenatal Courses

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Through our courses and workshops, we guide you through using gentle breathing, massage, movements, imagery and visualisations, as a way of staying relaxed and calm during your birth experience.

Every woman is different

Our tailored approach enables you and your birth partner to adapt relaxation scripts to your own needs by tapping into positive memories, places, imagery and feelings from your own experiences – making them even more powerful. Using self-hypnosis (deep relaxation) during childbirth is a simple, yet profoundly effective tool for achieving a calm childbirth experience where you feel in control of your experience and where you are working with your body’s own natural pain relieving hormones to ensure a comfortable birth experience.

Our sessions include:

  • ‘Grounded breathing’ techniques for between surges, ‘riding the wave’ breathing techniques for during surges and birth breathing, along with associated positive imagery and visualisations linking to our Nature’s Journey relaxation script
  • Understanding the philosophy of using self-hypnosis and deep relaxation for childbirth
  • Relaxation and visualisation exercises to help train mind and body to relax on cue to anchors and deepening techniques, increasing the power of deep relaxation
  • Relaxation releasing negative emotions and relieving anxiety
  • Exploring practical, emotional and physical antenatal and birth preparation
  • Looking in detail at birth choices and preferences
  • Discovering other research-proven pain relief techniques
  • Supportive massage techniques for childbirth
  • Tummy massage and other pregnancy massage techniques
  • Working with acupressure birth focus points
  • Positions which will help ease childbirth
  • Viewing and discussing positive birth stories and dvds

Our relaxation scripts

Our bespoke Relax and Breathe Birthing gentle relaxation scripts are all linked to a journey through nature: through fields of flowers, verdant woodlands, under starry skies and along crystal clear streams.

The scripts themselves are wonderfully relaxing, however, their power comes with their repeated enjoyment. Throughout the scripts are resource gathering, anxiety relieving, confidence building, and strength empowering prompts.

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About Relax & Breathe Birthing

We believe in working with women as individuals. Our approach is flexible and can be completely tailored to the needs of a pregnant woman and her birth partner.

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